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​I have been working as a childminder for the last 15 years. When my children were old enough, I decided to go into the nursery setting to work, where I worked for 8 months. I began to realise, that the nursery I worked for, didn't offer a home from home experience and if my own children went to a nursery, thats how I would want it to feel to them. I soon realised that I couldn't work in that kind of environment and the only way I could offer this kind of nursery, was to open up my own.

It's my belief that all children should be able to expore their own environments, teaching them to work things out, by letting them have a go, showing them, when they need the help, but not doing it for them. I also believe children learn a lot by being outside, (no matter what the weather is like, as long as they're dressed for the weather) helping them to use their imagination, whilst building up their social skills, fine motor skills and general knowledge about what is around us.

With this in mind, the children will be at the local park every day, building animal homes, dens. stick people, etc. Gaining knowledge of the different animals all around us, learnng about the different seasons and what they bring with them. Taking the children to the local libruary allowing them to choose there own books to ready. Nipping to the local shops helping the children not only to build up on their knowledge of road safty, but also learning social skills whist out and about in the comunity. 

My biggest belief is that the children should play and have fun, filling their day with laughter. 

Kind Regards,

Julie Goodwin.
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About Us

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