1. Little Explorers Room
    Little Explorers Room
    Where the Children can learn to interact with each other, building up long lasting friendships. Learning the first couple of year's skills away from the older children, helping them to build up their confidence.​ Learning the first couple of year's skills away from the older children, helping them to build up their confidence.
  2. Our Dining Room
    Our Dining Room
    Dinning Room/Physical/Cooking Activities ​This room has many different uses and can be turned around quite quickly. A dinning room - where the children come together to eat and share experiences with each other. Physical Activity - indoor slide, soft play and bricks the children can build and play with, playing gaes with emach other. Cooking Activities - building up their cooking skills and knowledge of the food around us.
  3. Little Makers
    Little Makers
    Our craft room, Letting the children's imagination run away with them, If it needs making and its messy, then let the fun begin.
  4. Little Adventures
    Little Adventures
    This outdoor space is a covered out door area so can be used in all weather, getting that much needed fresh air. The children will spend a lot of time outside, learning skill such as planting flowers and how to look after them, how to clime safely whilst with the knowledge that there's a padded floor so they are protected if they fall.
  5. Little Inspirations Room
    Little Inspirations Room
    Nice chilled out room where the children can choose between reading books, jigsaws, drawing/colouring, using the ICT equipment etc.
  6. Little Imagination Room
    Little Imagination Room
    Where the Children can learn many different skills, by acting out their own ideas on how things are in their world.
  7. Little Inventors Room
    Little Inventors Room
    Where the children will learn how to make and play with different materials. Whether its treading buttons together to make a much needed beautiful necklace, or boxes that are made in to boats, it all happens in this room.
As our rooms are all different, the children don't have a set room that they stay in all day. The children are in set groups that will move around the setting. These groups are know as:-

    Precious Pearls - aged from Birth to 18 months

    Oaty Opal - age from 18 months to 2 Years

   Tabby Topaz - age from 2 years to 3 Years

   Starry Sapphire - age from 3 Years to 4 Years

   Scooby Ruby - age from 4 Years to 5 Years

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Each Room will: -

Have a set activity that the children will be offered to join in with. This activity will be based around the Early Years Foundation Stage and our weekly planning, however there will be a choice of play around the room, so if your child doesn't feel like joining in, they can go off and find something else to play with.

Even if it's the child's choice to go off and free play, I can guarantee that all the toys and activities will be linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage​.