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Welcome to Little Jules Nurseries  

A foundation for the future

Little Jules Nurseries providing quality care in a wonderful atmosphere where children can learn, grow and play! Excellent teachers that have a love for children, a sense of humor, and a commitment to providing the high quality care that Little Jules promotes each and every day!

At Little Jules Nurseries we promote a natural and stimulating environment both inside and out to allow children the time to explore the world around them at their own pace. Our curriculum and approach to day care aims to include best practices from both private and government maintained settings, ultimately preparing the way for a child’s entrance into the school system and beyond.

• Being outside (no matter what the weather is like, as long as they’re dressed for the weather) helping them to use their imagination, whilst building up their social skills and general knowledge about what is around us.]

But most of all the nursery lets the children have a say in what they want to do within their day at the nursery. This gives the children a voice that will be heard and listened to. The staff will make sure that the activities the children want to get out, will be adjusted to make sure all children are encouraged in moving forward with their individual next steps.

• Full Day: £45.00
• School Hours 9.00am till 3.00pm: £35.00
• Half Day: £30 (7.30am till 1.30pm 
or 1.30pm till 6.30pm)
• Before School: £3.00
• After School: £10.00
• School holidays: £20.00 per day

If you required flexible days we are happy to help you out, this could be because you work shifts or if you require term time only. There will be an extra charge of £5.00 per day to help towards the extra staffing that is required to offer a flexible service.


"I had been working as a childminder for 17 years. When my children were old enough, I decided to go into the nursery setting to work, where I worked for 8 months. I began to realise, that the nursery I worked for, didn't offer a home from home experience and if my own children went to a nursery, thats how I would want it to feel to them. I soon realised that I couldn't work in that kind of environment and the only way I could offer this kind of nursery, was to open up my own.

It's my belief that all children should be able to expore their own environments, teaching them to work things out, by letting them have a go, showing them, when they need the help, but not doing it for them. I also believe children learn a lot by being outside, (no matter what the weather is like, as long as they're dressed for the weather.) Helping them to use their imagination, whilst building up their social skills, fine motor skills and general knowledge about what is around us.

With this in mind, the children will be at the local park every day, building animal homes, dens and stick people etc. Gaining knowledge of the different animals all around us, learning about the different seasons and what they bring with them. Taking the children to the local library allowing them to choose there own books to ready. Nipping to the local shops helping the children not only to build up on their knowledge of road safty, but also learning social skills whist out and about in the comunity. 

My biggest belief is that the children should play and have fun, filling their day with laughter. 

Kind Regards,
Julie Goodwin.


Little Jules Nurseries

2 Cross Street, Chapel-en-le-Frith, 
High Peak SK23 0HB

Tel: 01298 811723